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We specialize in the design and installation of landscaping, hardscaping, pavers and retaining walls.
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Mission Statement

Tractor Service

B & F Lawn & Landscaping has all the right equipment to get the job done. We have equipment to do everything from bush hogging to moving any type of soil or other materials.

Working on the development of a landscape does not only entail growing of green grass, planting beautiful plants, laying down of walkways and adding water fountains. Before working on the beautification of a landscape, there is much work to be done. And these all revolve around ground works. The land has to be prepared first to realize the landscape design perfectly. This may involve digging out footings, clearing of the area from unwanted structures or trees and leveling of the ground.

B&F Lawn and Landscaping offers tractor services to our clients in addition to landscape maintenance and construction of the necessary structures to beautify a landscape. Through this, we save our clients from the hassles of working with different contractors. We offer our tractor service to both residential and commercial customers in the area of South Tampa, Hillsborough County, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Lithia and Parish Valrico.

Our Landscaping Equipment

We equipped ourselves with the essential tools and equipment to ensure the perfection of the site that we develop. These include tractors, bush hogs, excavation equipment and hauling trucks. Each of these differs in function, but all have their own significant roles in landscape construction and development.

  • Tractors: This is an engineering vehicle that is designed to perform a high traction capability at gradual speeds. This functions by hauling a trailer for either agriculture or construction works.
  • Bush hogs: This is commonly called a rotary cutter. This is simply a mower attached to a tractor. A bush hogging equipment is composed of two or more blades to cut vegetation or clear the land.
  • Excavation equipment: This can come in different types of equipment such as a back-hoe, power shovel, digger, and dredge machine. All of these have particular differences, but they are all made for a similar function which is to dig up for foundations of structures.
  • Hauling trucks: These are rigid dump trucks that are intended for tough construction environments. But these are also essential equipment in landscaping projects. These come in different capacities that range from 45 tons to 363 tons.

With these tools and equipment, our clients can truly be confident that they will get a quality tractor service from us.

Providing Tractor Services and More

The B&F Lawn and Landscaping team who are tasked to provide tractor service is also equipped with appropriate training and operational skills. When you hire us, we see to it that every staff working on the site is properly monitored to ensure safety. They are also guided as regards to the proper execution of the task. This is the reason why most of our clients trust us when it comes to projects involving tractor services.

Some of the common tractor services we provide are grading and spreading, hauling, bush hogging and land clearing. We also offer other services like land excavation, removal of debris, site cleanup, fence line clearing and many more.

Residential and commercial clients can contact us anytime if they need tractor services. We are always ready to dispatch any equipment in Tampa and other areas in Florida. Turn your land into a beautiful landscape by hiring us. With skilled people and appropriate equipment needed to complete a landscaping job, B&F Lawn and Landscaping is the perfect choice.

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Tractor Service
Tractor Service
Tractor Service
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