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Mulch has valuable functions in a garden or landscape. It is effective in controlling weed growth and enhancing the condition of the soil. Mulches made from organic materials provide additional nutrients to the soil and reduce the need for fertilizer application. They also lock in soil moisture, which helps minimize water use. Lastly, the proper application of premium quality mulch will effectively improve the aesthetics of the outdoors.

But choosing the right mulch material is not easy because of the different types available. You need the help of expert people like us at B & F Lawn & Landscaping. Our company has been offering mulching services for years in the Tampa area and surrounding regions. We have in-depth knowledge about the job and know the best mulch materials for your landscaping. The products that we use are sourced from reputable suppliers, so you are always assured of premium-quality mulches.

Hire us today so we can show you how we maintain and take good care of our clients' lawns. Call us at (813) 713-7099.

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Mulching is not just about putting wood chips or shredded wood materials around plantings. You can use it to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden and landscaped area. For example, using different mulch colors can highlight the beauty of your flower gardens. Call us to get more information about mulches and the best mulch to use on your lawn or landscape.

Different Types of Mulch

There are two general classifications of mulches. You can opt for the inorganic materials or choose the organic types, such as cypress, cedar, pecan shells, peanut hulls, and pine bark mulch. The cost of mulch greatly varies, depending on your chosen material. Inorganic types are cost-effective materials since they last a lifetime. On the other hand, organic mulches don't last long and may require reapplication after a few months. But even if they are temporary, they also provide other outstanding benefits such as providing additional nutrients for the plantings.

Black Mulch

A predominantly green landscape may not be appealing for some. If you also feel the same way, you can add more colors to your landscaping by installing colorful mulches around plantings. And don't go for the typical bright-colored mulches. Choose black mulch instead. It can be made from dyed organic materials, rubber, or rocks and gravel.

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Red Mulch

Using red mulch for your garden is another great idea since it can highlight certain areas and act as a decorative material. You may choose red-colored cypress mulch. These types of mulches tend to hold their color longer compared to traditional bark or hardwood mulch.

Playground Mulch

A mulch-covered playground is the most ideal environment for kids. You can allow them to have fun activities and play their favorite games without worrying about their safety and comfort.

You must hire professional installers to ensure the proper application of the mulches or chips. For example, your installer should follow the recommended depth and use the correct type of playground mulch. Applying 6-12 inches of wood chips and double-shredded bark mulch will help prevent life-threatening head injuries. These materials have better shock-absorbing capabilities than fine sand or gravel. The use of engineered wood fiber and recycled rubber is also a popular option.

Cedar Mulch

You may choose shredded or chip Cedar mulch, depending on the area where it will be applied. This mulching material has many advantages. First, it decomposes slowly so you don't have to perform frequent reapplication. This type of wood has pesticide properties that keep certain insects away from your plants. It is also a great decorative garden material.

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