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Exterior Landscape Pest Control

Exterior Landscape Pest Control, Valrico, FL

The health of your landscape is something you can't afford to ignore. Once you have suitable quality plantings, grass, etc. installed, you still need to make sure that all the softscaping is maintained well. 

Regular attention and care are crucial to the overall health and sustainability of various living features in your landscape. Neglect can result in insect and pest infestations going unnoticed, and it doesn't take long for these to spread. This makes it necessary to ensure you have a good landscape maintenance plan in place and that professionals provide these services.

We at B & F Lawn & Landscaping offer high-quality exterior landscape pest control services. We cater to clients throughout Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas and have a significant number of regular clients that opt for our landscape pest control plans.

Pest Control Contract

Since every landscape is different and has different features, we make it a point to provide customized landscape pest control plans. When we handle this job, our experts will first evaluate your landscape before creating a detailed pest repellent and control program. It can include everything from pesticides and insecticides to traps.

If your existing landscape has any pest infestations, we will deal with those first and then provide applications that help to prevent future infestations. We use organic, non-toxic pesticides, and insecticides in our work, which means your plantings, grass, and trees do not come to any harm.

Types of Garden Pests We Eliminate

We are the specialists in extermination and removal of a wide variety of landscape pests. Borrowing pests, as well as leaf-eating insects, can damage your lawns, shrubs, and trees at a rapid pace. This aspect makes it necessary to contain the infestation as soon as you notice it.

When you hire us for landscape maintenance, we generally include pest control solutions. You also have the option to hire us exclusively for landscape pest control. The wide variety of garden pests that we can eliminate from your property includes:

  • Gophers
  • Pocket gophers
  • Moles
  • Voles
  • Insects
  • Mites
  • Mollusks
  • Nematodes
  • Plant diseases

Since there are different types of pests, a detailed assessment is crucial to the success of the pest control plan. When our team comes in at regular intervals and inspects every area of the landscape, they make a note of any insect infestations that exist. In some cases, a single application is sufficient to deal with a specific infestation while at others; multiple applications are needed for the treatment to be effective.

For any more information about these and other services that we offer, feel free to call us at this number- 813-713-7099, or send us a message through this Online Form.

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